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                        To all you newcomers and veteran collectors alike. We place lots of trust in coinmakers
               and how they handle the private keys when loading coins. Though the majority have been
               trustworthy we have had our bad apples in the their too, just like in anything else in life, when
               money is involved, so does the temptaion of stealing it. Especially now with Bitcoin so high in

                       That being said, DO NOT, buy the following coins for their digital content, but for the coin
               itself. Though most have been breached or the private key is worthless, there are still some out
               there that have a loaded value when looking up on the public key on blockchain.

                     I own one Microsoul that says it is loaded. I left as is as it was a minute amount of BTC

                     I also just bought an Alatin Mint Coin, unloaded. It is a beautiful coin and is a part of our
               collecting history.

               STAY AWAY from any LOADED…

               Alatin Coins

               Microsoul Coins

               Coinographic Coins
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