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                                           Bitcoin Articles of Interest

               Do you see this hobby expanding like stamp collecting or will it only be for the wealthy?

               I believe we are only beginning to see how important cryptocurrency is to the world and to humanity,
               and as a result there will be a tremendous amount of interest for artifacts which represent this
               movement. In particular, items which were found early in bitcoin’s life and were not produced in high
               numbers will garner the most attention.

               What will miners do once 21 mill are mined?

               Miners will continue to secure the network by collecting transaction fees. Ultimately a market
               equilibrium is found where the value generated by mining fees is comparative to the amount of resource
               expended by the miners.

               Will the forks be a threat to bitcoin?

               Forks which break the consensus rules of bitcoin and separate from the main Bitcoin network do not
               represent much of a threat to bitcoin.  If there are miners who would prefer to break the rules of the
               network to create a secondary network, the coins they are generating will not be recognized as bitcoin.
               Coins which were created this way and have gained some market value (Bitcoin Cash, Bitcoin Gold) must
               achieve the increasingly difficult task of convincing the market that their version of bitcoin is the real

               What is a hard fork versus a soft fork?

               A hard fork is a change in the consensus rules of bitcoin that effectively breaks compatibility with earlier
               versions.  In order for bitcoin to successfuly undergo a hardfork which does not result in two networks,
               there must be overwhelming agreement from all of bitcoin’s stakeholders. This includes wide acceptance
               among holders (speculators), merchants, exchanges, developers, miners, and consumers.

               A soft fork, on the other hand, is a change in the rules of bitcoin that does not break compatibility with
               earlier versions.  Soft forks are much more preferable than hard forks because they can upgrade the
               protocol without threatening to create two networks.
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