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                                           Bitcoin Articles of Interest

               Who are physical crypto coin collectors?

               Physical crypto coin collectors are people who find value in tangible items that represent some aspect of
               the cryptocurrency phenomenon.  There are three main types of physical bitcoins and cryptocurrencies:

                   1.  Assembled Coins – Contain a private key which corresponds to a
                          bitcoin (or cryptocurrency) address. May be funded with
                          bitcoin or unfunded.
                   2.  DIY Coins – Does not contain a private key, but provides stickers
                          and other supplies needed to use their own private key before
                   3.  Novelty tokens – Does not contain a private key, and is not
                          intended to contain one.

               What do they collect..and what is the psychology behind them as collectors?

               Physical bitcoin collectors have a variety of preferences. Some favor only coins which are assembled and
               funded by the manufacturer.  Others perhaps do not trust others to store their bitcoins and opt for
               unfunded or DIY coins.  There are those who prefer coins which are minted in precious metals like silver
               and gold.  Factors which influence the popularity of a particular coin would be how scarce the coin is and
               whether it is issued as a numbered limited release.  Collectors also tend to have a preference for makers
               who have a track record for being trustworthy and producing high quality designs based on prior

               Beyond the coins themselves, other collectibles include paper wallets which look like bank notes or paper
               currency.  There are also hardware wallets, electronic devices that function as a bitcoin wallet when
               plugged into a PC or smartphone.

               Many artists are now painting and designing works featuring bitcoin and other crypto related themes
               using a variety of mediums. Some of these art pieces combine the ability to store bitcoins and private
               keys into the artwork itself.
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