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                                           Bitcoin Articles of Interest

               How will it affect Government?

               Governments will have to re-think the way they collect tax from their citizens.  Rather than having a
               financial system that is built around the regulations and reporting requirements of various forms of
               government, the world is entering into a place where the financial system is not dependent on any
               permission from governments. Bitcoin will usher in an age where governments must become increasingly
               accountable to its citizens, or be starved of capital in the form of voluntary taxation.

               Will bitcoin ever potentially reach 1 million?

               Bitcoins can and will reach $1 million dollars each, for as long as there are trillions upon trillions of
               dollars in capital that can be absorbed by the bitcoin network.  There is no reason why assets such as
               commodities, securities, and other forms of property such as real estate will not be denominated in
               bitcoin after the world experiences Hyperbitcoinization.

               When all bitcoins are mined..what then?

               When all bitcoins are mined in the year 2140, the network will sustain itself through transaction fees
               alone.  This will effectively happen much earlier as the block reward will be less than 1 BTC every 10
               minutes starting in the year 2032, and eventually reduces to a small fraction well before the century is
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