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                                           Bitcoin Articles of Interest

               I asked a good friend of mine **********(Hybridsole) to help me understand what Bitoin really is and
               where we are headed. He is an early adopter of bitcoin and thus threw a couple of questions at him.
               To clarify and educate me on Bitcoin

               What is bitcoin?

               Bitcoin is digital gold.  It is a computer science breakthrough released in 2009 that, for the first time,
               allowed for value to be sent across the world.  Bitcoin does not require any centralized body to operate.
               It uses cryptography (math), peer to peer networking, and a real time accounting system to trustlessly
               verify all activity every 10 minutes.

               How will it affect the a currency?

               Bitcoin is similar to gold in that it is scarce and difficult to create.  Gold functions as a great store of value
               but not as a currency, due to the costs of storing, transferring, and verifying purity of the metal.  Bitcoin
               addresses all of these problems by making it easy to store, transfer, or verify by using a distributed ledger
               known as the blockchain.

               Put simply, Bitcoin is the most perfect form of money ever invented!

               How will it affect banks?

               Banks will have to adjust their model as they currently act as a distribution chain and middle man for the
               endless supply of fiat currency that their government provides in the form of debt.

               Instead, they will need to adapt and serve the needs of an increasingly knowledgeable client base who
               now have access to bitcoin, which threatens to circumvent the legacy banking system entirely.  Banks
               that can adapt quickly and incorporate digital currencies into their offering of products will last longer
               than those that can’t.
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