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                                            BTC WALLET THEFTS

                 What is a BTC users worst nightmare? Seeing their bitcoin stolen it from an exchange ..wallet…or
                                     even forgetting their passwords to their private wallets.

                  I am dedicating this section to stories of BTC theft ..malware and phishing stories that happened to
                 people. We can only learn from these stories and at the same time try to prevent what happened to
                                                    them to happen to us.

                     And I am not mentioning MTGOX as I already covered that hack in the beginning of the site.

                                                    Brain Wallet theft

                 The following was told to me by Canton Becker, creator of the paper wallet generator.

               Take care. Your brainwallet must be *absolutely* unique. I’m sure you’re aware of the risks.
               From an early post:

               ‘Just lost 4 BTC out of a hacked brain wallet. The pass phrase was a line from an obscure
               poem in Afrikaans. Somebody out there has a really comprehensive dictionary attack
               program running”

                        How to lose $8k worth of bitcoin in 15 minutes with Verizon and

               It begins with a text message from Verizon

               11:31 PM
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